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New Booking Amendment Policy


Car Hire Hebrides, like all rental companies have prepared for vehicle hires throughout the forthcoming summer season. As part of that preparation we have purchased the necessary vehicles to ensure all our hirers booking requested are fulfilled. Now we are all facing an unprecedented situation where travel is virtually suspended and naturally some of our customers are choosing to amend or cancel their bookings.

Please email us at to discuss amending any existing bookings

Car Hire Hebrides is a strong company which will survive this economic turmoil. Our preference with respect to bookings would be that our customers amend rather than cancel their bookings. We therefore now offer free amendments of all bookings, which can be honoured for the next 18 months and if necessary beyond that time period. In effect we are asking our customers to amend their bookings for a future date, when we would hope you would visit the island. This amendment will be free of charge but will also retain the terms and conditions in which you originally booked, meaning the booking can still be cancelled on the cancellation terms that were in place when you booked. 

If you are not currently sure of your new travel dates, we can provide a token that can be redeemed against the future booking. This token would be refundable at any point if your plans change.

We hope this offer will encourage customers to retain their bookings and give us an opportunity to protect our business and employees going forward. 

Car Hire Hebrides is a small family run business, all our efforts at present are being focused on sustaining our business through the next 6 months, not necessarily for the survival of the company, we are confident about that, but more in line with retaining our staff and levels of service.

Your support in this matter would be appreciated, we do nevertheless appreciate your circumstances have changed and we will honour your cancellation rights if amending is not an option for you. We would be happy to discuss this further if you have any issues you may wish to question us about.  

Please email us at to discuss amending any existing bookings