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Our Protection Package


Protection from unforeseen circumstances

We hope everything goes smoothly for everyone involved, but sometimes accidents happen and we don't want that to ruin your experience, so we have 2 levels of protection package that let you enjoy your Car Hire hebrides hire without worry.

Our Protection Package has three levels for you to choose from, so you can have a stress free vehicle rental!

Basic Excess

For Standard Vehicles* is £1,750.00.

For Premium Vehicles^ is £2,750.00.

Protection Package Levels

Level Benefit Cap for Applicable Standard Vehicles* Cap for Applicable Premium Vehicles^
Glass Cover (£12/day) Caps your excess for glass-related damage˜ £150.00 £450.00
Silver (£15/day) Caps your excess for any damage £850.00 £1,850.00
Gold (£22.5/day) Caps your excess for any damage £0.00 £1,000.00

˜Glass-related damage is damage to either the front and back windscreen, or any windows. All damage that is not glass-related damage still attracts the basic excess.
*Standard Vehicles are those in groups A, B, C, C-AU, D, D-AU, V-1˚/2˚/3˚/4˚/5˚/6˚.
^Premium Vehicles are those in groups E, E-AU, F-EST, F-SUV, G˚, G-SUV˚, MPV-7˚, MPV-9˚, V-3 (Premium)˚.

˚The Protection Package is not applicable for these vehicle groups.

All prices on this page exclude VAT.